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Barcelona College of Chiropractic - BCC Master in Chiropractic
Barcelona College of Chiropractic - BCC

Master in Chiropractic

Barcelona, สเปน

5 Years

ภาษาอังกฤษ, สเปน


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Sep 2024

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The BCC curriculum – With the assistance of curriculum development experts, and with feedback from major stakeholders, the BCC has developed its unique curriculum that strives to marry the discipline of chiropractic with advanced teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

Bilingual College

BCC is an international college with two official languages – Spanish and English. During the first year, the College provides simultaneously translated lectures and supportive language courses, to enable students to follow classes while improving their language. During the last two years, most theory classes are taught in English while practical experience takes place in Spanish.

Science, Art, and Philosophy

Traditionally, chiropractic was based on three fundamental pillars: Philosophy, Science, and Art. Finding the balance between these three pillars in developing the curriculum is a priority for our academic team. In keeping with chiropractic principles, the curriculum combines the study of basic and clinical sciences with a deep reflection on the body’s ability to optimize health.


From the beginning, our curriculum enables students to acquire understanding practice of the scientific investigation, evidence-informed practice, and critical/ analytical thinking. As a result, students are well prepared for carrying out a major research Project in the final years of the program of the study.

Clinical Experience

Early contact with patients is essential and thus, the BCC offers its students the opportunity to observe and interact with experienced chiropractors caring for patients in the BCC Chiropractic Centre. Throughout the 4th and 5th years students, provide evidence-based chiropractic care to patients whilst under the close supervision of well-trained professionals.